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RCS offers programs for families with children in Kindergarten through Eighth grade who desire a premium education in a Christian environment and who are dedicated to spiritual and academic excellence.  Families must agree with our Mission Statement and our Statement of Beliefs and evidence a wholehearted support for this school and it’s standards.  Registration begins in Spring.


An outline of the enrollment process is included below.  Feel free to contact the office with any questions. Informal meetings and walkthroughs are more than welcome.

Step 1: Submit the Enrollment Application:

The RCS office will reach out to schedule an enrollment interview.

Step 2: Complete the Enrollment Interview:

For transfer students the following additional items are needed: a shadow day immediately before the enrollment interview, academic evaluation during the shadow day, a copy of the latest report card or progress report, and a sample of a recent math and writing assignment.

Step 3: Pay the Student Fees and Submit Student Records:

The required student records consist of a copy of the student’s birth certificate and immunization records.

Step 4: Enrollment is Finalized (administrative step).


Tuition & Fees

Student fees, totaling $750/student per year, must be paid prior to finalizing enrollment.

Tuition, listed below, is split into eleven equal monthly payments and charged from August to June.

Further details and available discounts are described in the student handbook.

1 Student                           $5,610.00

2 Students                        $9,817.59

3 Students                        $13,183.50

Additional Students      $2,805.00

Last Updated 02-17-23

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