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Our language arts program consists of phonics, phonemic awareness, writer’s workshops, and literature. We have a rigorous reading program that gets all students reading as soon as possible! Students will become capable of writing out complete phonetic sentences.  We use small groups so each child is motivated and challenged at their level.  The students have nightly reading homework that is based on our small group instruction.


Our math program consists of A-Beka text with an emphasis on small groups and individual instruction. They will learn their numbers, 1-100, how to count by 1’s, 5’s, and 10’s, basic addition and subtraction, coin values, reading analog clocks, and are introduced to place values. A variety of math art, games, and literature are used to aid in comprehension.



Emphasis on hands-on experience: Weather, seasons, dental, human body, plants, farm animals, frogs, butterflies and much more.  We use the STEAM model (science and technology through engineering art and math) which encourages critical thinking, trial and error along with the scientific method.


Students learn about the community around them.  We also learn mapping skills including a compass rose, map keys, recognizing the United States, and realizing the U.S. is made of 50 states.  The students will also have units on The Pilgrims, Dr. Martin Luther King, Jr., George Washington, and Abraham Lincoln and many more.


Bible Class

Our program includes chapel and classroom prayer.  The students learn A-Z memory verses, with each verse having hands-on activities, experiments, or poems. They are also introduced to and learn about various Bible stories involving the lifestyle of Jesus.


Students will have PE every Tuesday, Thursday, and Friday. The students practice throwing and catching balls, balancing, skipping, hopping, and exercises.  Students use the skills they have learned to play games which encourage cooperative play and development of social skills.


Last Updated 02-17-23

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